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Forms are now available in an electronic format with fields that can be filled out on a computer or tablet and printed for ease and improved readability.

Please note that all forms still require an original signature, so they need to be printed and signed prior to sending. Ensure that you print your completed form and sign it before sending it to the College.

1. Membership Renewal Form

2. Change of Information Form

3. Membership Renewal Payment Form (only to be used by members with outstanding payments)

4. Request for Membership Resignation Form

5. Request for Membership Reinstatement Form 

Former Members

If you are a former member of the College and if your Certificate of Registration was cancelled for more than three years or if it was revoked due to non-payment of fees, you will need to fill out different form from those who have never been members of the College. Please read the Application Guide for Former Members and fill out Application Form for Former Members.

6. Application Guide for Former Members

7. Application Form for Former Members



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